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Capt. Sureen Narang


Sureen Narang

Captain Sureen Narang is an accomplished mariner and an educator with more than 40 years of extensive experience.

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Capt. Sureen Narang
Principal & Nautical Faculty
Capt. Santosh Pandey HOD Nautical
Mr. T.P.S. Bhamra Vice Principal & HOD GME (Engg)
Capt. Jairaj Nakhwa Dean SSTP
Capt. Anthony Fernandes OCTCO + Nautical Faculty
Capt. Krishna Phatak Sr. Trg. Suptd. Nautical Faculty
Capt. Aley Nabi Rizivi Sr. Trg. Suptd. Nautical Faculty
Mr. C. Maheshwar Sr. Trg. Suptd. (Engg.) (GME / ETO)
Mr. Vijay Chavan Sr. Trg. Suptd. (Engg.) (GME / ETO)
Capt. A.R. Murthy Sr. Trg. Suptd. Nautical Faculty
Capt. R. Gopalkrishnan HOD STCW, Trg. Suptd. Nautical Faculty
Dr. Prakash Birhade Academy Doctor
Capt. Keith Miranda Nautical Faculty
Capt. Sudhir Chand Rai Sr. Nautical Faculty
Mr. Mahesh Kulkarni Jr. Lecturer & Lab I/C (Engg.
Mr. Ghulam A. Ansari Academic Faculty (Maths)
Ms. Parnita Rasal Psychologist
Mr. Murikkoli Chandaran Engine Faculty, Electrical Officer
Mr. Shashi Kant Sharma Computers & Electronics Faculty (DNS/ GME / ETO)
Ms. Sweta Singh Academic Faculty (Physics)
Mr. Kishore P. Khopkar Engine Faculty, Electrical Officer
Mr. Yogesh ChonkarTraining Superintendent - Engineering
Mr. Prashant Shinde Engineering Faculty (DNS/ GME)
Mr. Balwant Paswan HSE Instructor Marine
Mr. Birendra B.S. Yadav Sr Seamanship Instructor
Mr. Parag Joshi Sr Seamanship Instructor Marine
Mr. Hariom Singh Assistant Seamanship Instructor Marine
Mr. Jitendra Ram Seamanship Instructor - Indian Navy
Mr. Ganesh Shetye Workshop Instructor Non-Marine
Mr. Nitin Kumar Patel Sr. Workshop Instructor Marine
Mr. Mangesh Gaikwad Instructor Plumbing and Carpentry Non-Marine
Mr. Dinesh Kharat Workshop Instructor Marine
Mr. Datta Payahude Workshop Assistant Non-Marine
Mr. Nitin Ghare Workshop Assistant Non-Marine
Mr. Satyendra Kr. Mishra Sr. Workshop Instructor - Marine
Mr. Tarsem Chand Warden cum Instructor
Mr. Basant K. Sharma Instructor/Warden
Mr. E. S. Krishnan Kutty Warden Cum Swimming Instructor
Mr. Manmohan V. Krishna Workshop Instructor Marine
Mr. Darshan Malkar Workshop Support Non-Marine
Mr. Dinesh Kr. Rai Workshop Instructor Marine
Mr. Tukaram Bhosale FPFF Instructor Marine
Mr. Raju Gite Workshop Instructor ETO Lab Incharge

Capt. Sanjay Nighojkar

STCW & Nautical Faculty

Mr. Indra Narang

Soft Skill Faculty