Celebrating the success of women is exciting..!

International Women’s Day is a day to reflect on advancement made, to call for change and to rejoice acts of courage and willpower by ordinary women, who have played an amazing role in the history of their countries and societies.

Considering the pandemic situation this fnction was conducted following social distancing and other S.O.P.’s as prescribed.

Celebrating the achievement of women is exhilarating and shining a limelight on open-minded action that helps advance women, is important. This is the day to celebrate how far women have come in society, in politics and in economics as well as in maritime industry.

The fact that all the great people of the world are born from women and it is a woman who taught them initial wisdom, is the reason we have always highlighted on giving respect to women in their lives. That is why women’s day is celebrated with so much of enthusiasm in our institute on 08th March

Shipping being a global industry, depends on the strength of its seafarers. Including female seafarers helps strengthen the industry by building it an inclusive, diverse, and strong industry.

As female seafarers continue to gain a position, AEMA continues to remain dedicated for providing resources, training and support to bridge this gender gap on board. AEMA plays an important role in encouraging women to join maritime industry by providing 50% concession in their tuition fee for girl cadets which is a considerable step towards making shipping industry a desirable career for women.

International Women’s day is celebrated every year on 8th of March in AEMA which witnesses huge participation of female Cadets, professors and other ladies staff. A lot of Activities like collage making, painting and different games bring their hidden talents upfront. Prizes are also given to best performers for motivation. Celebration of Women’s day in AEMA, is a significant step towards bringing the society to a place where women get equal opportunities without any discrimination.