1. Nautical - Department

IMU End Semester Examination, Semester III, IV & V

SSTP Internal Assessment & Registration for IMU Exams

All cadets who are doing/ completed their 18 months of onboard training and looking forward to appear in IMU End semester Examination, Semester III, IV & V are supposed to fill the below google form-

i) Request for internal assessment & registration for DLP exams, please fill the required google form
ii) If you want to update your email address in respective google group (batch wise), please fill the required google form

Please Note –
i) While filling the form please read the given instructions/ description carefully
ii) For any wrong entry or misleading information the respective cadet will be held accountable
iii) Files once uploaded, cannot be edited/replaced. Please pay due attention while uploading the required files.

Useful Contact Details @ AEMA

Name Designation Role in DLP Exams Email
Capt. Suneel Vasant Sule Principal Observer
Capt. Santosh Pandey HOD - Nautical Observer
Capt. Aley Nabi Rizvi Sr. Nautical Faculty & SSTP In-charge Incharge - DLP Exams
Mr. Manoj Deshmukh Cordinator - SSTP Cell Cordinator for SSTP Internal Assessment
Mr. Sahebrao Ahire Office Superintendent Exam Registration & Marks Upload
Mr. Shashikant Sharma Computer Faculty Technical Support

IMU Notifications & Circulars

All DLP cadets are instructed to keep monitoring IMU Website for the latest notifications & updates. All exam related information will be published under Examination – IMU Website

IMU Notifications & Circulars Applicable Exam Session Download Link
Circular No. 1715, dated 07.03.2017 -
Guidelines for the Structured Shipboard Training Programme (SSTP) and the procedure for conduct of the
Semester III, IV and V examination for the DNS leading to B.Sc (Applied Nautical Science) programme - Reg.
Generic - Applicable to all SSTP - Guidelines
Circular No. 1922, dated 23.10.2019 -
Revision in Academic Progression process and Examination process of DNS students - Maximum duration for completion for 3, 4 & 5th Semester Examinations - Regarding
Generic - Applicable to all Conduct of DLP Examinations
Important instructions for the students appearing for DLP Examination - Mock Test & Regular Examinations April 2021 Exam instructions for DLP Examination
Examination Timetable April 2021 Exam Timetable
Instructions for the cadets appearing for Online Proctored Examinations - DNS Leading to B Sc
(Applied Nautical Science) (DLP) - April 2021 Examinations - Reg.
April 2021 Instructions for online proctored examination

2. Engine - Department

Useful Contact Details @ AEMA

Name Designation Email
Capt. Suneel Vasant Sule Principal
Mr. Tejinder Pal Singh Bhamra Vice-principal & HOD Engineering
Mr. Yogesh Chonkar HOD - ETO
Ms. Suchita A. Dighe Office Executive - Engineering

3. STCW - Department

Useful Contact Details @ AEMA

Name Designation Email
Capt. Suneel Vasant Sule Principal
Capt. Sudhir Chand Rai Sr. Nautical Faculty & STCW In-charge
Ms. Darshana D. More Office Executive - STCW