DNS Syllabus - 5th Revision

The Course Curriculum for the “One year Diploma in Nautical Science (DNS) leading to B.Sc. (Applied Nautical Science) Degree” includes the requirements of the STCW Convention of IMO and Directorate General of Shipping, for competencies required for an “Officer in Charge of a Navigational watch”. This course Curriculum has the approval of the Indian Maritime University and Directorate General of Shipping, Government of India. Please click here for downloading the detailed teaching syllabus.

DNS Syllabus – Semester I

Sr. No.Subject CodeSubject NameHrs
1UD11T5101Applied Mathematics41
2UD11T5102Applied Sciences60
3UD11T5103Ship Construction & Ship Stability I44
4UD11T5104Navigation I: Navigation & Chartwork65
5UD11T5105Navigation II: Bridge Equipment, Watchkeeping & Meteorology60
6UD11T5106Cargo Handling, Stowage & Seamanship I68
7UD11T5107English & Human Factors52
Theory Total Hours390
1UD11P5101Applied Science Lab20
2UD11P5102Computer Lab20
3UD11P5103Workshop Practices37
4UD11P5104Seamanship Lab44
Practical’s Total Hours121

DNS Syllabus – Semester II

Sr. No.Subject CodeSubject NameHrs
1UD11T5201Navigation III: Navigation & Chartwork87
2UD11T5202Navigation IV: Advanced Bridge Equipment, Watchkeeping & Meteorology67
3UD11T5203Cargo Handling, Stowage & Seamanship II70
4UD11T5204Ship Construction & Ship Stability II74
5UD11T5205MARPOL & Marine Engineering Knowledge52
6UD11T5206Emergencies, Maritime Communication & Commericial Shipping56
Theory Total Hours396
1UD11P5201Communicative English Lab18
2UD11P5202Workshop Practices & Seamanship67
3UD11P5203Navigation Laboratory 30
Practical’s Total Hours115

Current DNS Batches

DNS 29 (February 2024) – The course started on 22nd Jan 2024 with a batch strength of 80 cadets further we got approval of additional 40 cadets in 1st week of February. Please click here to download the list of the current cadets.

DNS 28 (August 2023) – Course started on 21st Aug 2023 with a batch strength of 160 cadets diveded into four divisions. Please click here to download the list of the current cadets.

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