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GME Syllabus

The Course Curriculum for the “One year Marine Engineering Course (8 Months Training ashore & 4 Months Training onboard) includes the requirements of the STCW Convention of IMO and Directorate General of Shipping, Government of India for the competencies required for an “Officer in Charge of a Engine watch”.

Please click here for downloading the detailed teaching syllabus.

GME Syllabus – Semester I

Sr. No.Subject CodeSubject NameHrs
1T 101Internal Combustion Engine69
2T 102Naval Architecture70
3T 103Ship Construction50
4T 104Basic Electricals50
5T 105Engineering Drawing08
6T 106Marine Auxillaries 150
7T 107Workshop Theory & W/S Safety54
Theory Total Hours351
1WS 1Machine Shop35
2WS 2Welding Shop35
3WS 3Gas Shop35
4WS 4Fitting Shop35
5WS 5Chemistry Lab18
6WS 6Mechanics Lab18
Practical’s Total Hours176

GME Syllabus – Semester II

Sr. No.Subject CodeSubject NameHrs
1T 201Watchkeeping and ERM30
2T 202Leadership and Teambuilding30
3T 203Marine Boilers38
4T 204Electrical and Electronic Engg56
5T 205Control Engineering37
6T 206Marine Auxillaries 250
7T 207ISM/ISO/Internation Rules35
8T 208MARPOL25
9T 209Workshop Theory20
10T 210LSA & Fire Safety25
11T 211RPSL & Articles of Agreement 3
Theory Total Hours351
1WS 1Marine ICE W/S35
2WS 2Marine Aux W/S35
3WS 3Measurements W/S18
4WS 4Electrical Lab18
5WS 5Control Lab18
6WS 6Pneumatic Lab18
7WS 7Advanced W/S18
8WS 8Hydraulic W/S18
9WS 9Seamanship W/S10
Practical’s Total Hours188

Current GME Batches

GME 37 (September 2022) – Course started on 01st Sep 2022 with a batch strength of 40 cadets. Please click here to download the list of the current cadets.

GME 38 (January 2023) – Course started on 01st January 2023 with a batch strength of 80 cadets, divided in two divisions. Please click here to download the list of the current cadets.