Every year, last Thursday of every September is observed as the World Maritime Day, to appreciate the importance of the maritime industry and to underline the importance of maritime security, safety and shipping. This year it is celebrated on the 30th of September, with the theme – Seafarers: at the core of shipping’s future, through which IMO aims to extend the visibility of seafarers by highlighting the important roles they play now and will continue to play in the future.
The celebrations of World Maritime Day took place on 28th Sep at the AEMA campus, where Capt. Kaustubh Pradhan, Deputy Master of CMMI, graced the occasion as the Chief Guest of the day. Taking a walk around the campus, he appreciated the beauty of the campus and was impressed by the academic facilities.
Soon after that, Capt. Pradhan proceeded to the auditorium for the celebrations, where he was greeted by the cadets present there. The event hosted by Ms. Sweta Singh, Physics faculty, began with welcoming the Chief Guest and the attendees and explaining the importance of this very day.
Principal Capt. Suneel Sule then took the stage to introduce the Chief Guest to the audience, which was followed by Capt. Pradhan’s address.
In his address, he gave comprehensive knowledge about CMMI (The Company of Master Mariners of India) and how it is progressively working in providing a valuable service to the seafarers in India through various activities such as conducting educational seminars, publishing books and magazines, advising and assisting the DGS and promoting the Merchant Navy as a career option for youngsters.
Quoting the famous line “without seafarers, half the world would starve while the other half would freeze” he reminded everyone of the vital contribution that the seafarers make. Giving his words of advice he emphasized on maintaining personal safety onboard ship, the importance of knowledge, having respect for the seniors, inculcating discipline and punctuality.
Post the Chief Guest’s address a 9 minute-movie named Dufferin – Call of the Sea was played, showing the training of the Indian boys for marine profession on the Training Ship Dufferin which was operational for 45 years in producing Indian seafarers.
The programme went ahead with a marine quiz being conducted for the cadets seated as the audience. 9 teams were formed, and the game was played on Kahoot, which is an online game-based learning platform. Each question having a time limit of only 30 seconds, kept the audience on the edge of their seats as the participating teams had to select the correct option as quickly as possible. The correct and the quickest answers would take the team higher on the scoreboard, thereby creating an enthusiastic environment to compete for the winning position!
The game concluded with the top 3 teams coming on the stage and getting clicked while striking the victory pose. The stage was then taken by Principal Capt. Sule who gave detailed insights on the correct answers for the questions that were asked in the quiz. The celebrations in the auditorium concluded with everyone standing up for singing the National Anthem and then proceeding for the lunch.